Using Swaggers to Crimp Stops onto Your Snare Cable

This is a short section that may answer some questions for you about swagging verses hammering. Some trappers like to swag or "crimp" their stops on like the one shown here at the right. It is important to remember that everyone has their own preference and therefore what works best for others may not be best for you.
Crimped or, swaged on Aluminum Stops

If you decide to use aluminum button stops, it may be best to use a swagger to "crimp" these stops on. The aluminum stops and double ferrules are designed to hold best when they are crimped on. The swagger basically applies pressure all the way around the stop or ferrule rather than just on two sides (which is what happens when they are hammered on.)

Swaggers can cost as much as $200 and as little as $24.00.



The swaggers I use were purchased at Home Depot for $24.00. Most swaggers are designed to crimp on more than one size of stop or ferrule. Make sure your swaggers will crimp the size(s) you need before buying.

I like to leave about 1/8th of an inch sticking out the back side of the stop as shown here.

Swaggers are very simple to use. Be sure to test your crimped on stops once in awhile. I have found that even though aluminum stops are designed to be crimped on, they still do not hold as good as a hammered on aluminum stop. On the same note, nothing compares to a hammered on steel nut for strength and durability.

So, to make things quicker, I started to crimp on steel nuts rather than aluminum stops. This works well using this particular pair of swaggers (cheap ones). Now, I can crimp the steel nuts on then, give them about three good blows with the hammer to tighten them up just a little more.

SWAGGERS ARE DESIGNED TO CRIMP ALUMINUM, NOT STEEL. If you choose to try and crimp on steel nuts, do so at your own risk. You risk breaking a pair of swaggers, loosing an eye or breaking something else that is within reach of a large piece of the metal swagger jaw flying through the air. Such as a T.V. Screen. 42" screen to be exact.

Crimped on Aluminum Stop (button stop)
Crimped on steel nut